Ricotta and spinaches easter pie

Hi bakers,

wondering what to prepare for the upcoming Easter lunch? Here I am with answers! Here’s the ultimate recipe for an Easter savoury pie that will make your guests gasp!

It’s super easy to make, it can be made ahead of time and it tastes… de-li-cious!!! This makes the best appetizer you could ever dream of. Everybody will ask you how you relized such a funny pattern, even my grandma remained astonished!

The only flaw it has is that it won’t last that long so I suggest you to make two at least, if you have loads of guests.

For about 10 people: 
  • 500 g puff pastry ( feel free to make your own);
  • 500 g frozen spinaches;
  • 300 g ricotta;
  • 100 g grated parmesan cheese;
  • a splash of olive oil;
  • salt and pepper for seasoning;
  • a few basil’s leaves;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  •  a beaten egg;
  • sesame or poppy seeds to decorate.

1) In a large frying pan gently fry your garlic with a generous splash of good olive oil, then add the washed spinaches and cook them over a low heat for about 10 minutes, covering the pan with a lid.

2) Once cooked through, remove the garlic’s cloves and transfer the spinaches into a food processor, add your ricotta, the parmesan, a good drizzle of oil and the basil. Pulse the mixture until nicely blended and season the filling to taste with salt and pepper.

3) Roll out two circles of puff pastry with a diameter of about 30 cm. Set aside one layer of puff pastry, then take the other one and spread the filling with a spatula as you can see in the pictures below. Brush the empty spaces with the beaten egg to make the other layer of pastry stick. Now gently cover with the second layer and press with your fingers in the empty spaces.

4) Cut the pastry in 4, then in 8 , then in 16 and finally in 32 slices (as you can see in the photos). Rotate each slice 90° so that it resembles a sunflower’s petal and make the same for every slice.

5) At the end you should get a nice savoury pie that looks like a flower; brush the pastry with the remaining beaten egg and sprinkle some sesame seeds in the middle, if you like. Preheat the oven to 200°C/ 392°F and bake it for about 25 minutes. Serve it warm!

IMG_7135 IMG_7140

IMG_7142 IMG_7149

IMG_7164 IMG_7171

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